Entertaining in Style

Inspired by open spaces and horizontal lines, this prairie style home features large windows, a minimalist style, and a spacious area dedicated to entertaining. With an intentional flow from the inside to the outside, the homeowners can host gatherings that extend from the great room and kitchen seamlessly into a covered outdoor lanai.

This beautiful 5,000 square foot custom home is located at Poppleton Ridge in Troy, Michigan. What do you love most about this custom home?

Joseph Philip Craig Home Builders is a family owned business that has been creating custom homes for over 40 years. There are so many options to make your home uniquely yours.

Video: Caffeine Soul Productions

Design: Brian Neeper Architecture

Appliances: Sub-Zero Wolf

Cabinetry: Plain & Fancy

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A Pourfect Day

We are so excited to share this behind the scenes look at our custom construction process! It was truly a “Pourfect Day” as the amazing crew was hard at work earlier this week, moving and pouring concrete for this modern farm house where we also installed a radiant floor heating system.

There’s a lot of coordination to make this happen and it was really fun to watch this process come together at this property in Oakland County, Michigan. This fun video was filmed and produced by the talented Caffeine Soul Productions and offers some great insight into what actually goes on. This cement pour has to be perfect as we install the radiant heat system so attention to detail is critical at this step in the construction process. We are passionate about what we do and love sharing moments like these.

Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes wants to thank everyone who is involved with helping us to lay this solid foundation:

Joe Brzuchanski at Caffeine Soul Productions

Giovanni Bugli and his talented team at Metropolitan Concrete Corporation.

Uponor North America

Hartsig Supply in Auburn Hills 

TekMar Controls 

Denek Contracting

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The Reward of Bringing Dreams to Life

Being a part of building someone’s dream is so much fun. It’s exciting, every day is different and our reward is being able to bring a dream to life. Building a custom home is a big decision, an important life achievement. Quality, good design, and a solid build experience from beginning to end is what we provide to our clients at Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes. In fact, it’s our passion.

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Springtime in Northern Michigan: Inspired to Build a Custom Home

Springtime in northern Michigan is the perfect time to build a custom luxury home on the lake. Our video shows the latest updates to this property as we move forward with the construction process.

A solid foundation is necessary and we are grateful to work with so many professionals from the area. After all, the stronger the base foundation, the higher you can build your peak. Definitely true of construction and definitely a metaphor for life.

If you want to build a custom home and are looking for a full-service company, Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes is a solid choice.

Thank you to the following entities who have been a part of the process:

K Walls – Traverse City, Michigan

Kerkstra Precast

Team Elmer’s

Alpers Excavating

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Snow Blanket : Northern Michigan Lakefront

As we work throughout the year, we appreciate the balance between crisp autumn days, a fresh blanket of insulating snow, a breezy spring day carrying the promise of new life, and hot, humid summer days. Every day provides us with new challenges and blessings.

What a difference a week can make. Michigan always offers variation and surprises. We have begun the process of preparing this site for construction. We have excavated, poured the walls, and prepared to set a solid foundation as we construct this home. A thick blanket of snow, about ten inches, has covered the site and is holding in the heat. That’s lake effect snow! It is very quiet here today, truly peaceful. This is what makes life interesting. Why not take a moment and appreciate it?

If you want to build a custom home and are looking for a full-service company, Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes is a solid choice.

Thank you to the following entities who have helped with this property:

K Walls – Traverse City, Michigan

Kerkstra Precast

Team Elmer’s

Alpers Excavating

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Oakland County Custom Luxury at Poppleton Ridge

Find custom luxury in Oakland County at Poppleton Ridge. Located in Troy, Michigan, this property showcases the attention to detail and custom craftsmanship we employ with every home we create. The homes in this community were designed by Brian Neeper Architecture. No two homes are alike. Unlike building companies that offer “customized packages”, we start from scratch and build your dream home from the ground up, working with you every step of the way.

When it comes to building your custom home, Joseph Philip Craig ensures that it is truly unique. Building a home is a major life occurrence. Why not make it the best possible experience? We are 100% custom when it comes to designing and building your home. We offer a complete ala carte experience. We work with a talented team of specialists including architects, interior designers, and landscapers so that your experience is seamless from beginning to end.

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Northern Michigan Lakefront

Setting a solid foundation is the first step in creating a beautiful structure. This gorgeous property in Northern Michigan will become home to a custom luxury home. Designed to honor its lakefront location, this will be a home that will create decades of incredibles adventures and memories for friends and family alike. At Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes, we take pride in creating beautiful and functional properties that will bring a lifetime of joy.

Thank you to the following entities who have been a part of the process:

K Walls – Traverse City, Michigan

Kerkstra Precast

Team Elmer’s

Alpers Excavating

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Modern Kitchen at Poppleton Ridge

This modern kitchen at Poppleton Ridge in Troy, Michigan defines luxury and sophisticated living in Oakland County. We love this kitchen and celebrated its completion with some music and this quick video. Culinary inspiration is definitely on the menu with a space like this!

Some of the great products in this kitchen are from:

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry


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Radiant Floor Heating

Here’s a quick peek of the install process for a radiant floor heating system. Once the radiant floor heating system is installed, then a concrete pour takes place. Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes ensures that every step of the building process is done with great care and according to plan. No two homes are alike. Explore your options for your custom dream home.

Check out more from JP Craig Custom Homes HERE ON YOUTUBE.

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Wall of Glass

This back curtain wall of glass is to be set for a revolving art piece throughout the day. This will also allow expansive views and create continuity with the land and natural light that this site celebrates.

For every unique custom home we create, JP Craig is there every step of the way.

This project features Weather Shield Windows.

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