As we work throughout the year, we appreciate the balance between crisp autumn days, a fresh blanket of insulating snow, a breezy spring day carrying the promise of new life, and hot, humid summer days. Every day provides us with new challenges and blessings.

What a difference a week can make. Michigan always offers variation and surprises. We have begun the process of preparing this site for construction. We have excavated, poured the walls, and prepared to set a solid foundation as we construct this home. A thick blanket of snow, about ten inches, has covered the site and is holding in the heat. That’s lake effect snow! It is very quiet here today, truly peaceful. This is what makes life interesting. Why not take a moment and appreciate it?

If you want to build a custom home and are looking for a full-service company, Joseph Philip Craig Custom Homes is a solid choice.

Thank you to the following entities who have helped with this property:

K Walls – Traverse City, Michigan

Kerkstra Precast

Team Elmer’s

Alpers Excavating